If you haven't ever done a pre-order with a wholesaler or Boutique, you are really missing out on great savings and products. 

To explain what Pre-orders are simply, they are a group of customers buying a product together to meet higher MOQs and get better pricing from the supplier. They are usually hosted by a wholesaler or retailer that sells similar products to the one being offered. 

Important things to keep in mine when ordering:

Keep track of you are buying from, especially if you participate in multiple pre-orders at or around the same time. This is a big mistake alot of people make and forget who they bought from. 

Always pay with a source you can track such as credit / debit card, paypal, google pay, etc.. Never pay with cash or money order. 

Join the sellers group, page, website, etc.. You want to be part of the community to keep up with any updates on the ordering process. 

Unfortunately with pre-orders, delays and other obstacles can happen. Working with a seller who is experienced in pre-orders is important. They will have better relationships with their suppliers and able to overcome obstacles more smoothly. 

Keep in mind before you order there are typically no refunds on pre-orders unless the entire order with the supplier is cancelled or not placed for some reason. Once the order is placed with the supplier, the seller has sent the money to them to make the product. They not only do not have the money you paid them but any cancellations can affect MOQs. This can cause other customers not get their orders or the seller to put out more money that they have not planned on or may not have this order to make it successful. 

You must be patient with timeframes. Nothing is ever exact and things happen. There are times that orders will come in weeks before expected and times they may be a few weeks late. BE PATIENT! Watch for updates from your host so you know what is going on. 

Remember that your host is handling orders for alot of customers. For each pre-order.  it could be 10 customers or it could be 200. Most hosts post any changes or updates in their groups, pages, or websites. Always follow those for information. It is difficult for hosts to answer people individually on general questions about pre-orders. 

Hosts invest alot of time and effort in making pre-orders a success. They have to look for products, find reliable suppliers, negotiate Pricing and MOQs, offer the items to customers and promote them, fill MOQs, etc. 

Please keep these things in mind when participating in pre-orders. They are a great way to save money and get great products. Hosts work very hard to offer these items to you and I just wanted to offer a little insight and background of what is involved to make them happen. 

I have been doing pre-orders, also known previously as Group Buys for over 15 years as part of my Boutique business. 

Any questions I can help with, please let me know. 

Happy Ordering! 



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